Cost-effective and reliable phone systems

Handsets work anywhere there's an internet connection

Call Quality is just like a traditional phone, call us for an on-site demo

Easy Set-up - we'll discuss your needs & configure the best system

Equipment Rental - you can buy handsets outright or rent from us

Full featured phone systems from just $50 a month for 4 users

VocalPoint Phone System

A cost effective, reliable, full featured business grade phone system

A Nexus One VocalPoint phone system can provide your business with a scalable, feature packed telephony solution that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. It doesn't require you to invest in expensive hardware upfront, meaning that you can contain costs that can otherwise blow-out.

N1 VocalPoint VoIP phone system

Access from Anywhere
You can deploy handsets at any location with a broadband internet connection and a compatible modem/router. Handsets act as full featured members of your phone system meaning that a worker, whereever they may be, can answer calls and take part in the business call groups. This makes telecommuting and home offices a very real proposition.

Call Quality
One of the most frequent misconceptions about VoIP is that call quality is bad. Free services like Skype don't do justice to a properly engineered solution likes ours. The codecs that are used in our system ensure that call quality is the same as a traditional phone system. We are more than happy to demonstrate this to you on-site, please contact us to organise a demo.

Easy Set-up
The set-up of your new phone system couldn't be easier. One of our talented engineers will discuss your needs and design a system that works for your business. If you have an existing phone system we will happily replicate your current set-up as best we can. We then configure your system in our VoIP platform, configure and test the handsets and then arrive on-site with a fully working system. We then provide a short training sessions and you are ready to go!

Equipment Rental
You either have the option of purchasing the phone handsets outright or renting them from us. Start-up companies and small businesses often prefer to rent the hardware due to the reduced up front cost of bringing a new full-featured phone system online. Contact Us to find out more about your options.

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