About Us

Nexus One was formed to meet the growing needs of the modern IT landscape. We have seen a need for businesses to better spend their IT budgets in a regular, cost-contained manner and can help by employing hosted and cloud services to achieve these ends. Australian Company, Global Products Although we are an Australian, Sydney based company, we have specifically built our product set to have a global reach.

It was important to us to make sure that you can access your business critical data anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection. We have active customers with remote offices in the UK, US, China, Singapore and South Africa, all able to closely communicate with their colleagues across the globe via our technologies at minimal cost.

Our talented staff possess great enthusiasm when it comes to internet technologies, we wouldn't have it any other way! We welcome fresh ideas and try to build culture that allows them to thrive. This in turn will ensure that when you contact us you will speak to someone who is genuinely knowledgable, enthusiastic and helpful.

Our Infrastructure


Nexus One hosts the mainstay of our infrastructure in the Equinix SY3 data-centre. It provides our customers with the benefits of hosting within an N+1 rated data-centre and the characteristics listed below. For our customers that need a higher level of redundancy we deploy services into the Equinix +ME1 data-centre in Melbourne which has the same N+1 rating.

datacentre power datacentre_cooling datacentre_firedetection datacentre_security

2 x diverse 20MVA feeds feeding from the National Grid

Highly efficient DRUPS installation supported by up to 22 no-break Rotary Diesel UPS sets

Diverse A+B+R supply, distributed via 11kV rings within the data centre

On-site diesel tanks (6 x 60,000 litres) support 24 hours at full capacity with 24x7 fuel delivery

Minimum N+1 resilience on chilled water cooling system

6+1 4.5MW water cooled chillers

Diverse chilled water distribution pipe work (ring main type) throughout data centre with N+1 flow and return pipe work via N+1 risers

Temperature and humidity in technical space to industry accepted standards and maintained within energy efficient parameters

Multi-aspirated fire detection and warning system

Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas

Inergen gas suppression system in an N+N arrangement

Dry pipe sprinkler system to all data suites to further back up the Inergen gas system

Security Operations Centre manned 24x7 with security guards on-site 24x7

Premises under constant CCTV surveillance

Intruder resistant to all areas

Physical access to the data centre is controlled by mantrap

Strict access control list

Access control using proximity card readers

nexusone [n1]

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Phone: 1800 639 871 (1800 NEXUS1)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suite 12.03, Level 12, 227 Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW 2000


ABN 55 143 990 041

ACN 143 990 041