Have you ever had ... ?

01 Issues with slowness in your business critical applications?

02 Issues connecting into your office to access internal applications?

03 Your application go offline for hour or days due to inadequate IT support?

04 Your IT budget blow-out due to unexpected issues?

05 Frequent costs to on-site IT caused by constant hardware upgrades?

! Learn about the advantages of choosing Nexus One

Managed Application Hosting

Reliable, managed, supported applications with your costs contained

Most businesses use software specific to their needs and their industry to streamline their processes and remain competitive. Frequently these applications are installed on a server in the office which requires power, maintenance, backups and regular IT support.

The server itself can be a huge financial outlay for hardware and software that you are required to repeat every few years due to upgrades in the software and it's requirements from the server hardware.

Your IT costs can blow out when running your own on-site servers. Outages, Server hardware failures, upgrades, patching and maintenance, power outages, can all cause uneccesary IT call outs that can result in huge call-out bills.

Nexus One can help you move your applications into a secure, managed, hosted environment where it is supported, backed up, and always online. All of this at a fixed monthly fee with no surprise charges meaning that you can budget for your critical IT and build your business model around those fixed costs.

The Experts in Hosted Servers

At Nexus One we sport a team of highly skilled technical staff backed by an experienced engineering team. We deliver a flexible and scalable product with customisable solutions to ensure that what we are offering meets your business’ requirements to the highest degree.

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Hosted Servers

Nexus One Advantages

Fixed Costs

  • A regular monthly amount including support, backups, monitoring, and upgrades
  • You can budget and forecast knowing exactly what your spend is each month to ensure your application is readily available
  • No need to pay a technician to come on-site and spend hours fixing things for you
  • No need to worry about upgrading your hardware and software every few years
  • No unexpected IT budget blow-outs
  • You save on increasing power costs


  • 24/7 Monitoring of the server and network
  • Access to talented engineers that are enthusiastic and knowlegable
  • Regular backups
  • Monthly patching processes to ensure the system is up to date
  • We happily work with the software vendors to ensure your application is working correctly
  • Security Operations Centre manned 24x7 with security guards on-site 24x7
  • Premises under constant CCTV surveillance
  • Intruder resistant to all areas
  • Physical access to the data centre is controlled by mantrap


  • Hosting inside Sydney's premier N+1 datacentre
  • Diverse power feeds to seperate grids
  • Backup diesel generators
  • Multiple peers for internet connectivity
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Remote offices and users can VPN into network securely
  • Access to your business critical applications anywhere and anytime you have internet access
  • Efficient response by Nexus One engineers to any faults that occur

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