Nexus One: Managed, Hosted, and Cloud Services

Does your business really need on-site IT infrastructure?

On site IT infrastructure is fraught with problems and the cost of running your business' IT infrastructure can be overly expensive.

Server upgrades and constant support of software and hardware whether internal or outsourced can be a massive cost of operation.

Many of these costs aren’t fixed and therefore hard to forecast, meaning that month to month the costs can blow-out unexpectedly.

Businesses are also increasingly needing their IT infrastructure to be more interconnected and available.

Remote offices, executives and sales reps, even the everyday working staff are requiring more access to systems when they need it, securely, and with a minimum of fuss.

Nexus One has product range with fixed monthly costs designed to address these needs:

icon-server_original Managed Application Hosting
We can move your business applications online allowing your staff instant access to critical applicationsanywhere in the world they have an internet connection from any computer they may have and from

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems
Hosted VoIP Systems that allow your users, where ever they may be, to have an extension and phone handset that acts seamlessly as though you were all sitting in the same office.

ZA102470592 Hosted Exchange Services
Ensuring ubiquitous access to calendars, email, and contacts on your mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and via the web, all synchronised in real-time